Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Beads beads beads

I've been playing around with some more new ideas for this mini set and I'm pleased with the result! I'll be making some more of these in different colours. I called the set 'Silks', because the soft swirls remind me of dyed silk scarves.

Another new style for me is this beach bead. I've made a couple of these now and I'm enjoying making lots of different beaches...this one is called Hope Cove, which is a gorgeous sandy beach here in Devon.
I really, really love this set. I made a twisty with light and dark blue, turquoise and purple and then encased it in clear. The result is these stripes and zig zags, which are magnified by the clear. I'm very tempted to keep them...!
I will be listing these beads and more on ebay later on today.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


...not that we've actually had a summer yet. Ho hum. I'll still be making bright, summery beads all the way through winter, got to brighten up those short, dark days somehow!

I'm a great believer in the way colours can affect mood, so I love the fact that I can almost create my own mood when I make beads and jewellery. For my 'day job' I work with clothes, so I'm very aware all the time of what's 'in' for each season...there is lots of purple, hot pink, teal and blue at the moment, which pleases me as these are my favourite colours. However, the trend for acid yellow and murky mustard seems to be persisting, sadly, as I hate them! You'll never see me making a bead in these colours. Yes, that is just my personal taste and I probably should make the odd wasabi/uranium/ghee coloured bead for those of you who love these colours, but I just can't bring myself to make something I don't like myself.

So, using colours I do like, here are some on-trend purple pebbles and another spacey bead with gorgeous blue, mauve and green dots. I have resisted the temptation to keep this little beauty for myself and both are now on ebay!