Sunday, 17 May 2009

Shiny, sparkly, bling!

I have just got some gorgeous new glass called Aurae. It has lots of silver in it, which means it does all sort of lovely things - it turns gold, metallic and sometimes even goes different colours. Thing is, you never know exactly what it's going to do, so it's no good if you like your glass to be predictable...I like to be surprised!

So that's the shine; I have also been using goldstone for that lovely, golden sparkle that combined with the Aurae, makes for some really 'bling' beads. You can find the moon bead and the cool blue bead on ebay now.

Today I have been recycling - not bottles and cardboard and boring stuff like that (although I do that as well!), but silver. My aunt gave me some old sterling silver napkin rings and spoons, so I have been sawing them up to turn into lovely pieces of jewellery. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to finish them, because I broke my drill bit attempting to drill some nickel silver (who knew it was so tough!), but watch this space and I'll post pics as soon as I finish them.