Sunday, 28 June 2009

More beads on the 'Bay

Pink is my favourite colour. Not girlie pastels, but lovely hot magenta and I was really pleased with this pink set. Musn't keep it, though! It can be hard sometimes to let go of certain beads, but there are only a couple I've regretted selling. Usually I know straightaway when a bead is a 'keeper'.

I love this etched moon bead, too. I've used a new olive green glass, which is just lovely for organic beads like this one. The bottom bead different for me, I'm not normally a brown sort of person, but I really like this transparent sepia and I think it looks even better with the Aurae. I just can't stop using this glass...

All are up on ebay right now!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Feeling summery!

My beadmaking definitely seems to be affected by the weather - which, living in England means I make a lot of grey, stormy beads covered in raindrops! We've had quite a few sunny days lately, though, so I've made some more cheerful beads, including this bright, sunny set and the blue, cloudy sky beads. Oh, and the inevitable rainbow...

I make a lot of these coloured nugget beads; they are some of my favourites. I love experimenting with swirling different colours together and it always looks completely different once it is encased in clear glass. I think another reason why I adore these beads is because I am a huge fan of gemstones and they remind me so much of little sparkling gems.

I have listed these beads and several more on ebay so pop over and have a look if you're interested.