Sunday, 22 November 2009

Well, I'm back online at last after a house move...not the most enjoyable of experiences, but hey ho, we're all settled in now. My new 'studio' (shed) is still in pieces in the garden - just waiting for some lovely person to volunteer to put it together for me, for the price of a pint of beer! Or, failing that, Chris and I may just have to put it together ourselves. I don't like that option, though...

Anyway, here are some beads I made a while ago, before I was uprooted from my lovely caravan workshop. 'Pink Granite' was actually one of those happy accidents. I was initially disappointed when I saw how it had turned out, but I looked again and decided I really liked it! 'Bonfire' was, unsurprisingly, inspired by the oranges and yellows of the flames of a bonfire. Very seasonal. Last but not least, 'Chocolate Pebbles', another of my organic pebble sets. I've said it before, but I love 'Tamarind', by Cim. Such a lovely (yummy), rich brown.

All of these beads and more are now for sale on Ebay.