Friday, 22 November 2013

Cold weather and uninvited guests

It's cold. So cold I couldn't even bring myself to go into the shedio and make beads today. Bad times. Those in the know say it's going to get much colder though, so I'd better man up and get my thermals ready!

However, I've also put off by the enormous spider that seems to have taken up residence in the shedio. I've been trying to get over my fear of spiders and was actually doing rather well, but this is a real beast! Five minutes into my session, he'll suddenly saunter casually down the wall in front of me and disappear into some nook or cranny. I'm too soft hearted to actually kill spiders though, so I've named him Harry and I pretend to ignore him while I continue to make beads (but am constantly alert and poised for flight!).

I have managed to make some beads though, in between shivering and spider watching, including this little of those that looked completely different in my head and was much more wonderful in real life!
You will find 'Sedona' in the usual place!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

All or nothing

That's kinda how it is with me at the moment. It's been either a lack of time or inspiration (yup, the old mojo is still being a little elusive!). But I have finally cooked and cleaned some new beads...and wow, I hadn't realised quite how many there were! Which is good for you, but it took a loooong time to clean, photograph and list them all.

You may notice a weather theme with these beads - that will be due to the fact I am currently studying the weather as the next module of my course. The resulting beads are rather more colourful than they have been of late...which makes quite a nice change!

If you like them, pop on over to Etsy and have a look...they are being added over the next few days.

Oh and if anyone is interested, I passed my exam!