Monday, 16 February 2009

Folksy & Sheds

I've added these necklaces and a couple more to my Folksy shop and my website and I've still got lots more to list, so watch this space!

I'm just taking a break from purchasing a shed. I need one for my workshop, but I just can't believe how much choice there is! Overlap or tongue and groove? Pent or apex? And what size?! Very confusing. Chris (DH) and I will be putting it together ourselves, which is a scary thought, because we argue whenever we put together flat packed furniture, so we probably won't speak to each other for a week after this! Still, it'll be worth it. I haven't made any beads for a couple of months and I've missed it, so it'll be great to get my workspace back again.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Misi Shop

You can now see my jewellery in my new Misi shop - lots of new necklaces there, including this lariat, one of my personal favourites! It is made with blue and silver lampwork beads by Laura Sparling, with lots of gorgeous gemstones. I particularly love the clear quartz nuggets - they're so beautifully clear, just like drops of water. I called the necklace 'Starlight', because that is exactly what Laura's beads remind me of, sparkles of silver in a deep blue night sky.

It may sound like a cliche to say that my jewellery is inspired by nature, but it's true - I live in a beautiful part of Devon and it's hard not to be inspired by the sky, the moors and the sea. I just have to learn to pay more attention to the road when I'm driving, rather than the views...!