Monday, 16 February 2009

Folksy & Sheds

I've added these necklaces and a couple more to my Folksy shop and my website and I've still got lots more to list, so watch this space!

I'm just taking a break from purchasing a shed. I need one for my workshop, but I just can't believe how much choice there is! Overlap or tongue and groove? Pent or apex? And what size?! Very confusing. Chris (DH) and I will be putting it together ourselves, which is a scary thought, because we argue whenever we put together flat packed furniture, so we probably won't speak to each other for a week after this! Still, it'll be worth it. I haven't made any beads for a couple of months and I've missed it, so it'll be great to get my workspace back again.

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about me said...

love everything you do - going to etsy to purchase some treats! thanks