Sunday, 24 October 2010

Falling leaves and rainbows...

Well, it's now officially autumn...misty mornings, fallen leaves and bonfires...and of course, this being England; rain, gale force winds, freak heatwaves and sub zero temperatures! :D

Naturally, with the turn of the season my beads are especially nature inspired, although not particularly autumnal.

Packed full of silver, 'Frost Moon' is actually named for December's full moon, but as it is a suitably frosty bead, I think a little artistic licence is permitted!

I just love these pebbles. They are made with raku frit and silvered ivory stringer and melted into olive shapes and the result is deliciously organic.

Last but not least, a rainbow - still one of my favourite beads to make. This one has a pretty golstone ruffle, for added sparkle. Just the thing to brighten up a miserable day!

All can be found right now on Ebay.

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