Sunday, 30 January 2011

Back to basics

It has now been a month since I have made any beads :(  I've still not got my new workshop set up and I am really missing making beads. On my days off work I find myself drifting around the house not knowing what to do with myself. On a couple of occasions I have even resorted to *gasp* doing housework! What on earth did I used to do with myself before I started making beads? 

Typically I'm full of ideas for beads, this is always the way when I know I can't make anything. All I can do is write down all my ideas and hope that they look just as amazing when I eventually get to make them as they are in my head right now...

So anyway, this week's beads on Ebay are ones I made just before Christmas. I've really gone back to basics, making lots of lovely simple organic beads - no raised decorations, dots, moons or flowers...just luscious colours.

And then I made this set, which is the complete opposite! More Multicolour and lots of silver. I could imagine finding these little treasures at the bottom of the ocean! time I post, I hope to be up and running again...see you then!

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