Wednesday, 4 May 2011

In the Pink!

Well, despite working all through Easter, royal weddings and various bank holidays (the joys of working in retail!) I've managed to find some time to make beads. Although to be honest, I'll always manage to cram a bit of beadmaking time in somewhere :) The other day, I finished work at 4pm and drove home really quickly, spent an hour making beads and then jumped back in the car and went back to pick up Chris...obsessed, me?!

Anyway, I'm still playing with pretty colours, so I have this lovely hot pink focal bead;
 And the inevitable moon bead. This one is made with some of my murrini and frit purchases from the Flame Off. Aahh, a new obsession is born...expect to see a lot more frit and murrini in the future!
On Ebay now :o)

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