Saturday, 7 September 2013

Rocks, the Universe and all that...

Well the mojo seems to be back, although I've not had much time to make many beads lately. I've come to the end of the first module of my degree and am currently revising for the exam, which is in a week and a half...wish me luck!

The unexpected bonus of the course was how much it influenced my beadmaking! I know I've commented on it a few times in my blog, but I'm rather chuffed because I feel like I've finally found my style. I've always loved making organic beads, but my interest in rocks - and most recently (and surprisingly!) in astrophysics - has been really fun and challenging to translate to glass.

Here are some of my latest Etsy batch. The first is a style I particularly love...a little ribbon of galaxy within a rock. Just fabulous :o)

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