Saturday, 28 December 2013

Earth, air, fire and water

Once again, Christmas has passed in the blink of an eye...and as I was back to work on Boxing Day, it seemed even shorter! Hope you all had a good one and here's to a wonderful 2014 :o)

You've probably noticed that the weather's not been too good lately - strong gales and driving rain make sitting in a shed with a naked flame a little difficult, not to mention dangerous, so I've not been able to get in the shedio much lately. The beads I have made seem to be mostly in shades of blue and green - no doubt inspired by all that water!

I've also made one of those beads that makes up for all the 'fuglies' and 'mediocres' I've made over the years...I absolutely adore it!
It was one of those times when all the ideas in my head came together beautifully and the result is this rather glamorous rock, full of gold and silver, sparkles and rainbows all wrapped around some rather lovely mottled ivory. I hope you love it as much as I do - often I find that the beads that are loveliest in my eyes are the ones that sit in my Etsy shop for ages :( Still, if no-one buys it, that means I get to keep it!

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