Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy happy happy!

Lovely landlady has finally come back from her extended holiday and given me the go ahead to use the conservatory for my I'm good to go!
 And if it looks really tidy...that's because it is :) For the first time ever, I might add. Normally, my studio looks like an explosion in a glass factory. However, the conservatory is also the entrance to our house, so I have to make an effort to keep it tidy. Also, Bob likes to stick his beak in everything (as cats do) and I didn't want him getting bits of glass stuck in his paws.

I haven't mentioned Bob, have I? He's our newly adopted cat. An ex-stray, when he was found he had rope wrapped around his tail, so he had to have the tail amputated. Mostly he seems fine with that, although he does sometimes have episodes of invisible tail chasing! I guess if humans can get phantom limb syndrome, cats can too. Apart from that though, he's a very happy chap!

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