Saturday, 9 July 2011


Fugly beads...otherwise known as 'ooops' or 'what on earth was I thinking'! Every beadmaker has them, because we all have our off days. A fugly often starts as a grand idea which somehow just doesn't work in reality; other times it is born from a bead that is going wrong and you decide to try to rescue it...'maybe if I add some dots here, a bit of silver foil...mmm I know, I think I'll encase it so it's even bigger and uglier' :( Before you know it, you've wasted precious time and a whole load of glass and you're staring in horror at the 'thing' on the end of the mandrel!

I now have a big fugly pot for the casualties and every now and then a friend or relative has a good root through and produces one or more of the beasts, exclaiming "oh, isn't it beautiful!"...which just goes to show that beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder!

Now I'm pretty sure that the beads I have listed on Ebay at the moment are NOT fuglies, so I'd recommend you pop over and have a look!

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