Thursday, 15 September 2011

Back in Business

At last...what with work, setting up the new website and Etsy shop and having a missing mojo, there hasn't been a great deal in the way of beads around here for a while!

However, I've finally got around to listing some beads on Ebay.  Nothing brand new...a few relistings (come on guys, there are some lovely beads desparate for new homes there!) and a couple that I've been hanging on to for months and have finally decided to part with. Because "it's such a lovely shade of pink!" and "I love looking at the pretty swirls" aren't really reason to keep them!

Anyway, I have finally made some new beads, which I'll be listing in my shiny, new Etsy shop at some point. You'll be the first to know when they're there!

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