Monday, 24 October 2011

Bead envy

Now when I'm not making beads, I like to look at other people's beads. And, because I'm only human, I sometimes find myself succumbing to one of the deadly sins - envy. I look at beautiful beads with precise, evenly spaced dots and lovely thin stinger designs and I think, "why can't I do that"? I do try every now and then, but it just doesn't happen. And you know why? It's not 'me'. I don't do neat and precise. I'm not a straight lines sort of person. Just ask my collegues at work, who must despair of my hanging-posters-in-the-window-in-a-straight-line skills!

The truth is, I love organic wonkiness. I love the unpredictability of glass, the way I can add some (wonky) stringer to a bead and then let gravity take over...and just see what happens! I love to be surprised. Sometimes, if a bead is looking a little bit too symmetrical and evenly shaped, I have to squish it about or add raised dots, frit or murrini just to random it up a bit. I guess if I have a style, that's it. Organic shapes, nuggets and swirly gravity designs.

Just like these ones...a  moon bead with a swirly, silvery sky and random murrini;

And this organically shaped simple white bead, with veins of silvered ivory.

On Ebay right now :o)

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Silly Moo said...

Me too ! I always have bead envy .. Nothing wrong in that ........

As for the organic look , its the only way to go I say .