Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Oak leaf challenge...the big reveal!

So, here it is...the necklace I made with Jo Tinley's copper oak leaf clasp :o)

I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with it when it first arrived - autumnal colours were a must and I already had this lovely hand dyed silk ribbon from Diane Turton of Sowzere Designs and a rich orange Carnelian bead in front of me. I then raided my stash of my own lampwork beads for orphans and found these ones in different shades of amber, brown and pink. Finally, I needed copper findings, having never worked with copper before. The two hammered copper rings were from another Diane - of Dilunah Glass Designs.

And finally, the oak leaf! It is far too pretty to hide away at the back of the necklace like a traditional clasp, so I made the necklace into a slightly asymmetrical design, with the clasp hooking on to one of the hammered rings.

So there it is. This was a challenge in the true sense of the word, as I've never used copper before and I've not done a great deal of wire wrapping, but... I love it! And yes, I will be keeping it for myself :o)

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Melissa Meman said...

Beautiful! I used orange as really works with that pretty copper leaf!

SilverNikNats said...

Your wire wrapping is really neat, the silk cord looks great and it all goes together really well

BahamaDawn said...

very pretty autumn colors make a beautiful necklace!! i dont blame you for keeping it for yourself!! my oak leaf is arriving late, but i cant wait to get it!

n4princessbead said...

Sooooo pretty! Love the colours!

Rebecca said...

So pretty! I love the orange. The ribbon was an inspired choice too :-)

Jo said...

How on earth did I miss commenting on your post?! I'm so sorry Amber - I know I looked at it and loved it, and I had thought that I'd commented, but I obviously didn't hit the right buttons. Your necklace is beautiful. I'm posting another challenge this week!